2022 edition coming soon


2022 edition cover photo Mark Walsh

“The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook: in Pursuit of Tasmania’s Southern Lights” 2013 edition is currently being revised. 

Available in Tasmanian retail outlets in December, the upcoming 2022 edition is now available for pre-order

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Discover the hidden beauty of Tasmania’s skies: the elusive aurora australis.

The Aurora Chaser’s Handbook is both a how-to guide and a keepsake. 

Alongside the science and lore of auroras, the beautiful 2022 edition features new breathtaking imagery of Tasmania’s aurora-lit skies by some of our most talented photographers as well as everything you need to know to become an aurora chaser yourself.

Nick Dobinson

For pre-order information, select “About the Book” in the menu

Available from Tasmanian bookshops from (TBC) November/December 2022 RRP $39.95.

Interstate, please check with your local retailers after 12 November: ISBN: 978-0-6455491-0-2 or Blackgum Distribution Services

contact for media or retailers: margaret@aurorachasersbook.com